Photography By The Sea

Skegness isn’t the greatest of beaches, To us yellowbellies though it’s the bee’s knee’s aka known as ”Skegvagas” I’m not entirely sure how it’s got that name as it isn’t quite as glamorous as Las Vegas, but it is the closest thing Lincolnshire has got to it.

I’ve been to Skegness so many time’s within my lifetime and it never seems to change at all. It’s exactly how I remember it, same stalls and everything. I decided to go to a different end of the beach today to capture my images. I purposely stayed away from the arcades as I can’t get myself out of them once I go into them and I spend stupid amounts of money.

The weather wasn’t ideal for the Infrared shots and honestly, I’m still getting used to my full spectrum camera so a lot of my Infrareds became duffs and even in RAW somehow was completely unrecoverable.


Canon 6D;



Infrared; Canon 400D Full Spectrum Conversion.




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