Weekly Sights 20/10/17

Welcome back! Where has the week gone? Already, here we are halfway through October. I'm absolutely buzzing about Halloween and Bonfire night, however, I am nowhere near ready for the Christmas period which will be here, undoubtedly in the blink of an eye. This week hasn't been the best of things I've found visually pleasing throughout my … Continue reading Weekly Sights 20/10/17

Weekly Sights Are Back!

As you may have noticed the weekly updates have been a bit sparse and that's because I've simply not been shooting at all. Not even with my iPhone, I have been completely uninspired, however this week I have been hot on it! As you'll notice I have been hot on one particular filter and it's the silvertone … Continue reading Weekly Sights Are Back!

Macro Wars! Canon 6D VS iPhone 7+

When taking the images I got as close in as the lens' would let me in order to get a pin sharp image, no cropping was done in post processing of these images. As you can see the iPhone allows you to get in much closer and get much more detailed images compared to the … Continue reading Macro Wars! Canon 6D VS iPhone 7+

Weekly Sights 10/09/17

 The Above Image was taken with iPhone 7+ // Edited in VSCO   The Images below were taken with a Canon 6D // Edited in Adobe Lightroom 85mm f1.8 85mm f1.8 50mm f1.4 50mm f1.4 50mm f1.4   http://www.aquariandiaries.ml

Autumn Is Coming!

Autumn is creeping up on us ladies and gents. The nights are already getting darker and by 8 o clock, we are almost in complete darkness, something we haven't witnessed in a long time. I know it's playing tricks on my body clock as by 8 pm I am tired and feeling like it's 11 pm. … Continue reading Autumn Is Coming!