Weekly Sights 10/09/17

 The Above Image was taken with iPhone 7+ // Edited in VSCO   The Images below were taken with a Canon 6D // Edited in Adobe Lightroom 85mm f1.8 85mm f1.8 50mm f1.4 50mm f1.4 50mm f1.4   http://www.aquariandiaries.ml

Autumn Is Coming!

Autumn is creeping up on us ladies and gents. The nights are already getting darker and by 8 o clock, we are almost in complete darkness, something we haven't witnessed in a long time. I know it's playing tricks on my body clock as by 8 pm I am tired and feeling like it's 11 pm. … Continue reading Autumn Is Coming!

Role Reversal; Being Infront Of The Camera.

As most of you probably know I am most at ease behind the camera, where my face is hidden by the chunk of technology I'm holding in front of my face. I've never really been very comfortable in front of the camera. I decided to let Stewart take some photographs of me, under the strict … Continue reading Role Reversal; Being Infront Of The Camera.